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Progress Exam Visits

These visits last approximately 30 minutes.  We will need additional time to re-examine your progress and note change.  Because it is impossible to predict how you will respond to Chiropractic care, we schedule progress exams every twelve visits or so.  We will compare examination results with initial and the re-examinations guide you quickly to your health and wellness goals.  Only then can we make a more accurate prediction about what it will take to complete your recovery and what will be needed to help you stay well.  Remember - Quality of Life is most important.  Live your best life!

Purpose of Progress Examinations:

  • To change or modify care plan (frequency of visits, home care, nutrition, etc)
  • To re-educate.  This is primetime for patients who are feeling better to discontinue care.  Often we discontinue care far before soft tissue (ligaments and muscles)  are fully healed.  Healing is a process.  Symptoms are the last to arrive and the first to disappear.
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